Virtual event analytics give you the incredible ability to see exactly what your audience is engaging with, in what order, and for how long. Combine this visibility with the fact that you may have 4x or more attendees than at your in-person events, and that’s a lot of data. All of this data gives you many avenues for measuring virtual event success. It also allows marketers to use events more strategically as part of your overall integrated marketing strategy.

Identifying which metrics you want to track and how you’ll use them is an important part of virtual event planning

Creating an online user conference? Follow these virtual conference best practices to deliver an event that exceeds customer expectations and drives growth for the enterprise.

Enterprise user conferences have multiple goals: educate customers about your services, share best practices for using your products, and build community around your brand. They also tend to be lavish affairs with exclusive parties, a dizzying array of sessions, and incredibly fun networking opportunities. So, user conferences have a reputation to uphold. And that doesn’t change when you go virtual.

Unfortunately, the nature of the enterprise is that it is slow-moving. This was on display…

The business world will remember 2020 as the year we pivoted everything to virtual. But it’s more than that. Yes, we learned we can transform in-person experiences to online ones if we have to. More importantly, we discovered that the virtual event is an incredible marketing tactic in its own right — one that should remain part of every marketer’s toolbox.

Not every online event in 2020 was a success. There were some big flops. But in this environment of forced risk-tasking, incredible things emerged. B2B marketers now have a huge variety of tools at their disposal for engaging and…

Organizations that treat the move from in-person to virtual events as a 1-to-1 conversion are almost guaranteed to see poor results. Only by understanding the differences and opportunities that go with each can you plan virtual events that deliver the best experience for all your stakeholders: attendees, sponsors, speakers, customers, and partners.

Think that sounds harsh? Consider this: Baking and cooking are similar, yet different. Both require rigid planning to ensure key ingredients are in the proper places and ready to go, but the act of cooking and the act of baking look quite different. When cooking, a person can…

By Darren Yuen

Frequently the terms developer relations (DevRel) and developer marketing are used interchangeably. They both target developers on behalf of a company or brand, but they are not the same concept. DevRel focuses on maintaining and growing relationships with the ultimate goal of building advocacy, whereas developer marketing looks to build awareness and get developers into the funnel. While these concepts have differing objectives, they do work in tandem to drive ongoing engagement with developer audiences.

DevRel efforts build and bolster relationships with developer communities through activities that occur after a developer has been captured and placed into…

By: Jay Famico

Ultimately, Revenue Operations is the alignment of sales, marketing, and customer success operations [on the operational level]. Then, when that operational alignment is at its furthest point, RevOps becomes a centralized function, which subsumes marketing, sales, and customer support operations into one department.

In most B2B organizations, marketing generates leads for sales, which then closes deals and turns those leads into customers who need service and account maintenance. …

By Jessica Estrada

Marketing is a competitive field of work, and whether you are looking to expand your skillset for a career transition, or are beginning to use Salesforce and Pardot tools in your job, a Pardot certification is a great way to bolster your resume. But more importantly, it’s a great way to keep up with the ever-advancing technology being created, used, and improved every day.

With so many companies doing marketing automation, it’s incredible how many are not utilizing their tools properly. Yes, getting the Pardot certification validates that someone has a comprehensive working knowledge of the Pardot…

By Jay Famico

The type of customers a Martech vendor — or any vendor has, tells a great deal. It provides a proof point on the size of companies, industries, and use-cases. And, in the case where a vendor has relatively few customers in a specific area or none at all, it calls to question the capabilities the vendor has to bear, and the level of expertise its professional services organization has in that area. …

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